ZORK® Peel and Reseal Closures STL


Intuititive:  ZORK STL is an easy-to-use peel and reseal alternative wine closure, with no corkscrew required.

Effective: Maintain your wine's quality, ensuring it is delivered exactly the way you intended it to be, fresh and taint-free while offering a value-added end user experience. 

Distinctive: Stand out in a crowded marketplace with customizable closures with brand logo.

Product Details: 

Dimensions: 34mm Length x 33mm diameter

Weight: 8 grams

Sold in quantities of 1,000

To be used on domestic glass and cork finish bottles only 

Design File: 

Closures are customizable to include a logo or graphic.  The print area is within a 24mm (0.95 inch) circle concentric with the center of the cap.  

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